10 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas

I searched the net and gathered up 10 of the most awesome DIY Valentine gift ideas that I could find. Then I put my own spin on them.  

There are plenty of creative and meaningful DIY Valentine gift ideas that you can make for your loved ones. It’s a perfect way to show the ones you love how much you care and give yourself a little creative self care in the process!

These ten DIY Valentine gift ideas that are sure to your warm their hearts.

DIY Valentine Gift Paper Fortune Cookies

1. Fortune Cookies of Love

Order take out but take some time and make your own fortune cookies. Best thing is about these easy to print and make cookies is that they are low calories – Please don’t eat the paper! You can see the tutorial I used to create these at the Happy Hooligans Blog.

They really are quite simple. Cut out the circle and without creasing it fold in half and glue a bit on the edge. Slide the fortune in and pinch the opposite ends together and secure the middle with a little glue.  I tried making these with card stock but find that ordinary printer weight paper works best!

The version I designed for the Fortune Cookies of Love PDF includes a printable with fortunes and an editable version for you to create your own.

DIY Valentine Gift Idea Love Notes with beveled heart box

2. Valentine Love Notes

Write some love notes on these heart shaped templates that fit in the Beveled Heart Box that you can find in our Etsy shop. They can then keep those love letters and re-use the box for trinkets and treasures.

 The printable and editable Love Notes Template I created special for you fits in the box perfectly.

Valentine Love Tickets DIY GIft

3. DIY Love Tickets

Saw these beautiful wooden love tickets by createbynic on Etsy.

I adapted them but kept the whole vintage vibe that I love so much and created this Love Tickets Template for printing on paper.

The template includes pre-filled and editable PDF and should be printed in colour for full effect but will work in black and white in a pinch.

DIY Important Dates Valentines Gift

4. Year of Important Dates

Such a great idea! Found this tutorial from Lauren at The Thinking Closet.  They were a bit too colourful for my guy so I created a bit more of an adult version.

My year of preplanned dates, or as I like to call it, the Important Dates Template can be edited and then printed on any colour card stock or in black and white and then you can colour it and you can find lots more ideas for preplanned dates at Focus on the Family

I love you because DIY dry erase frame Valentine Gift

5. DIY Dry Erase Love Messages

This cute dry erase board is just an ordinary frame! I found this easy DIY at Good Housekeeping.

Place some pretty paper and or a pre-printed message in a frame and use white erase markers on the glass to change it up.

I’ve included an SVG for the matt and heart for an 8X10” frame and the printable words template for you to download.

DIY Love Deck 52 reasons why i love you Valentine Gift

6. Love Deck Idea

This is a great tutorial from Samantha over at Niffy Mom that she made for her husband for their anniversary. She’s done some really great variations on this idea.

This is my version of the Love Deck. I have included the back side of the card which will need 6 copies printed (you will have a few extra) and 52+ pre-filled cards for you to print and an editable template for you to add in your own reasons.

Simply edit the template if you wish and print and cut out. Then glue them back to back, or to a cheap/old deck of cards. I’m sure it will be a hit with your loved one!

DIY scratch tickets Valentine Gifts

7. Valentine Scratch Tickets

So easy and fun! I found these at Destination Decoration.  They have a cute template but I wanted something a bit more grown up and classy.

Simply use my Scratch Ticket Templates, edit them if you like, print them out, cover the scratch area with tape and then paint on a mix of 2 parts paint to one part dish soap and let dry. 

I used silver paint to create mine but you can use what ever colour you like!. 

DIY Valentine Gift couples photoshoot planning

8. Couples Photo Shoot

Aren’t they the cutest? My friends Tane and Mitch did this retro shoot last year. You could organize a fun photoshoot for you and your love!

Keep it fun and as simple as you like. Hire yourself a photographer or a get a buddy with a good eye and gather some props! Go out or stay in and have a blast getting those awesome photos to share at holiday time or on social media anytime.

I created a Printable Photoshoot Check List and an Editable PDF Checklist for you to plan your own couples photo shoot.

There’s some more great ideas for plan it out at Localgrapher and you can find pose, location and some other tips and tricks from the awesomeness at The Dating Divas.

DIY Valentine Gift Love Coupons

9. Love Coupons

Love coupons are always good to receive. Found so many tutorials on these it was crazy! I went for an old fashioned ticket vibe with my write in Love Coupon Templates and included an Editable Love Coupon Template for you to fill in if you prefer a more professional look.

There are also some great coupon ideas for you at The Personalization Mall.

DIY Valentine Scavenger Hunt

10. DIY Valentine Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt?  I’ve created these cute Printable Write On Heart Clues and Editable Heart Clues that fit perfectly in my Valentine Advent Boxes.

Make your boxes then print and cut out the clues. Glue the clues to the inside of the boxes and hide the treat filled pretty boxes in the right spots.

There are a bunch more great ideas over at Scavenger Hunt Ideas.com

BONUS: You could make twig heart decor with our step-by-step Twig Heart post that gives you easy to follow instructions!

Spend the most on the one you love and give them your time, effort and creativity this Valentines. 

I really believe it’s appreciated more than anything that money can buy!

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All the Love

Cindy @ Blacknot Farm

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