10 Great Gardening Gift Ideas

Do you know someone who loves to garden?  There are some things that make gardening easier and I have compiled this list of my top 10 useful and great gardening gift ideas that I personally own or would love to own. Hoping this will help you choose a great gardening gift for that special gardener in your life.

Any gardener will appreciate if you spend your money wisely on quality equipment. It may be a bit of an initial investment but they will save money by not having to replace it every year! Trust me I’ve learned that the hard way. In keeping with supporting small I did my best to share e-commerce links that were of small but reputable companies and including what we have to offer our gardening friends here from the farm,

1. Gardening Journal & Planner

Planning is half the battle when it comes to gardening. Garden journals are a great way to stay organized. I couldn’t find one that suited my needs so like everything else I created my own! It has 22 pages for you to plan on including tips and tricks for every season, to-do lists, trackers, and budget sheets. It’s also digital so you can print off new pages as needed every year.

2. Garden Gloves

Every gardener needs a great pair of gloves, mud is dirt after all. We’ve all washed our hands overly these past couple years. Protect them! These cowhide gloves available on Etsy are even customizable with the gardener’s name.

3. Garden Shears

A great set of garden shears is a pleasure to use and I’m just in love with this mini set from Lee Valley.

4. Metal Sprinkler

An all metal sprinkler head is a sturdy and reliable choice. I’ve tried the cheap plastic ones but ended up going through several during a growing season. Not anymore that I’ve upgraded to a metal one.

5. Garden Rake

A good rake that is small enough to get into the tight spots and light enough to use for more than a few minutes is a must.

6. Garden Shovel

For planting, moving plants or turning compost all gardeners need one of these.

7. Hand Tools

These hand tools are beautiful and functional for when you need to get up close and personal with your plants.

8. Plant Markers

Of course they may need help identifying those plants for all those non-gardeners! We make these beautifully rustic handmade garden markers here at the farm. They are sturdy and available in flowers, veggies, herbs and you can even have them personalized. They make a great gift for both the novice and experienced gardener. You can find them in our Etsy shop.

9. Seeds

A reliable and reputable seed company will have so many options for you to choose from! Find something unique for your gardener.


You could also make a gift for your gardener! Our instructions on making a Twig Heart are simple to follow and if all the connections are made with wire would stand up to the elements and look beautiful hanging in any garden. Handmade gifts are special and almost always appreciated. You can find instructions for this here DIY Spring Decor Heart

What gardening gift ideas do you have to share? I hope you enjoyed this list of 10 garden gift ideas. At the farm you’ll find the awesome gift ideas that are sure to make great presents and maybe even a few for yourself. Bookmark this page and sign up for our newsletter here if you haven’t already.We hope you enjoy this gardening season and get growing!

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