10 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

Oh how I love Halloween! From making my own, my kids and other people’s costumes to throwing epic Halloween parties in our 3 season party hayloft, I have always loved this yearly celebration most of all. I hope these easy DIY decor ideas spark some creativity in you!

Bought decorations can be cheap looking and cartoony and the cheap plastic throw-away decor is just so tacky. But it’s so easy to class it up and make it gorgeous. So take some time for you and make something beautifully spooky!

For those of you on a budget you can easily decorate your home for Halloween with items you already own and without spending a fortune. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or a total first-timer, these DIY halloween decorations will transform your space and won’t cost you much at all.

Use what you have! Natural items, old paint and older decorations are easy to update and turn into something new and fabulous.

1 – Easy Halloween Tree

Find yourself an interesting looking branch and spray it black or leave it au natural. Wrap some black paper around a coffee can. Put a cool design on the can if you like. Hot glue the branch into the bottom of the coffee can and put tape in an X on top the can to secure it in the centre. Add some moss or fabric to the top of the can.

2 – Paper Bats

Print a bat on black card stock and cut out. Or find an SVG to cut it on your craft machine. Secure to your halloween tree, a wall or a mirror with tape or sticky tack to spook up the place. Sometimes more is better – so cut a bunch and spray them up a wall, your mantel or on the ceiling.

3 – Metalic Skulls Shiny Decor

Add some class to those cheap plastic skulls and bags of bones with a simple metallic spray paint job.

4 & 5 – Spooky Candle Decor Idea

Print an image on tissue paper and melt it into the candle wax using a hairdryer. Give thrifted candle holders new life with a fresh coat of paint

6 – Floating Witch Hats

I have a bunch of these witches hats from halloweens past. They look so good suspended on invisible fishing line from the ceiling. 

7 – Little Coffin Treat Boxes

I put a few special treats in these little coffin treat boxes this year for any kids who are brave enough to venture to the farm on Halloween night. 

8 & 9 – Grape Vine Feather Wreath & Raven Decor


Trim the grape vine and twist it into a circle. Grab some feathers and a few pieces of wheat and wrap with twine secure with hot glue. Print a raven on black card stock and cut out. Or find an SVG to cut it on your craft machine. Cut two for attempted murder and 3 or more for… well, you know. Use tape or sticky tack to put it on your wreath, door or window frame.

10 – Easy Printable Sign in Vintage Frame

A great Welcome Foolish Mortals sign in a vintage frame pulls it all together. Happy Halloween!

So take a break and give your home a spooky feel without breaking the bank. Pick up a few craft supplies or use what you have and get to work on these classy and easy DIY Halloween decor ideas. Hope this will inspire you to get creating some simple yet beautiful Halloween decorations of your very own.

We would love to see what you come up with and hear any other ideas you may have. Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get more ideas and inspiration.

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