How To Live A More Creative Life

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‘How can you be so creative?’ I get accused of being creative all the time. My response is usually a shoulder shrug and sometimes I try explain how I just try things. Some people try to tell me they are not creative but I really do believe we all are!

Not Just Visual

Being a creative doesn’t just mean that we are creating artwork or visuals. It is also in the words we write, and the math and geometry we use when designing a house, and the ingredients we choose to use in recipes, and even the colours and finish we choose for the walls in our homes. In this post I want to share with you 8 suggestions how you can up your creativity to live a better, longer and more fulfilling life.

Why Creativity Is So Important

Creativity is defined as the use of the imagination or original ideas. Which is funny because Mark Twain once  wrote:

“There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations. We keep on turning and making new combinations indefinitely; but they are the same old pieces of coloured glass that have been in use through all the ages”

So wait? What? There are no new ideas? Just stew things up in our own unique brain soup and spew out our own mental twists on them? Sweet! We are ALL CREATIVE because we each have our own unique brain soup and thought process.

Creativity Not Intelligence

Researchers have found that creativity, not intelligence, that increases our life spans. One reason creativity is thought to help us is because it exercises a bunch of different parts of our brains. Creating also decreases negative emotions, reduces stress and anxiety, and is said to improve physical healing. Being creative can help you live longer and improve your quality of health and life! Win – win – win!

It helps you become a better problem solver. Instead of coming from a logical point of view your creative side can see a situation from all angles and make intuitive leaps. Creativity can help you see things differently and you are better able to deal with all the unexpected crap that pops up. Studies show that creative people are better able to live with uncertainty because they can adapt.

Engaging in the creative process is a great confidence builder. You’ll discover real quick that failure is part of the process. Once we see failure as something that is survivable, and something that helps us grow and develop skills, it makes our work better. We can let go of fear and try new things – even at the risk of is 

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Kinda hard to be creative if you’re stuck doing the exact same thing day in and day out! If necessary set aside some specific time for yourself to be creative. Pull out that sketchbook or calligraphy set or hot glue gun or use your finger to draw in the sand or the snow or the fogged up shower door. You need to stretch those creative muscles in order to strengthen those creative skills.


Any negativity will freeze your creativity and stop those creative juices from flowing. Just say no to negativity from yourself and from others. Only yes and positive thoughts to whatever you may be attempting. My Gary likes to ask what I’m doing when I’m being creative and I’ve just learned to smile and say “Making a mess!”  Just explore and create and enjoy – no judgements.


Wonder and question the crazy world around you. What if you did mix those colours? What if you just ignored the instructions on that craft kit? What if you used sequence instead of rhinestones? Explore and experiment with whatever whenever you can. Ask what if? Ask why not? Ask how to? Ask questions and be curious about everything and anything that interests you.


There’s this crazy thing called the internet! I swear I could live without sitcoms but I would hate living without the ability to look up answers to all the questions I have all the time. If there’s something that interests you, look it up. A simple google search for tutorials will give you lots of videos, blog posts and podcasts. Don’t stop at just one. Get some different perspectives. Shop around for your info and then go get creative your own damn self.


If you run out of supplies and you don’t feel like you’re finished then ‘make do’ with something similar or do something completely different. Don’t have white glue? Use contact cement or mix up some flour glue! Don’t have the right colour paint? Teach yourself how to mix some or use markers, or chalk or pipe-cleaners. Yup pipe cleaners! You may discover a completely new technique or idea. A creative life is like a giant treasure hunt for the next really cool creative technique.


A saw and scissors both cut. Rubber cement and epoxy are both used to stick things together. A sheet of drywall and a sheet of fabric are both sheets. I always thought installing drywall was easier than sewing because the drywall was solid and didn’t move around while I cut it and I still can’t fold a fitted sheet despite how many tutorials I watch or read. Hot glue works a lot like clay or cement mortar when building but on a smaller scale. What if you scaled down something huge and made a miniature? What if you scaled up something miniature and made it huge? There I go asking questions again…


Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Get together and be with others. Ask someone you trust for constructive critics or their opinion on your current creative project. Just be sure you listen to what they say about the creative piece and don’t think it’s about YOU as a person. Remember no negativity or judgements when you’re getting your creative on!


If you really wanna up your creativity you must let go of your fear of failure. Look at me writing blog posts! You will fail and things will look like crap and not turn out the way you thought they should. It’s inevitable. Accept it, live with it and get over it or do it anyways. Remember while you are failing you are also developing skills with materials and tools that will make future attempts work out better… so is it really a failure? Nope! Do it again. And again, and again. Build resilience and perseverance and confidence. Enjoy the process not the finished product. They don’t really matter. What matters is YOUR creative life.

Do the things that call to you and be curious and open about them. Connect some of these things to other things and when you don’t have what you think you need, make do. Share and do all of this with no fear of failure but trust in the belief you are developing creative skills that will help you live a better and longer life.

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