How to Use SVG Files in Cricut Design Space

Using SVG Flies in Cricut Design Space

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Using SVG files with your Cricut and Design Space can seem complicated. This step by step will walk you through using our SVGs with your cutting machine.

What is an SVG?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic. It is the best file format for working with Cricut Design Space and other cutting machine software. 

Photo files like JPGs and PNGs are made of tiny coloured squares. When these images are enlarged they appear as tiny different colored squares. Numbers and coordinates are used to make up an SVG instead of coloured squares so they can be enlarged and still be crisp clear images.

Your Cricut machine is able to cut along these numbers and coordinates. We can also layer SVGs with different colors enabling us to score, draw and preform other actions.

Pinterest, Google, or other websites all have SVG files for download but be warned not all of them are good! The only way to tell however is to try them out.


Log into Design Space and create a new project to open a blank canvas. Click Upload in the panel on the left side. Locate your download and click Upload Image. Click Browse and select the SVG file you want to upload, or drag-and-drop from your finder window containing the file. Your SVG file is now uploaded into Design Space and will now appear at the top of Recent Uploads. Select your image and click Add to Canvas.


Your SVG file appears on your canvas with multiple layers in the right layers panel. Most projects will be formatted for letter size paper so resize the project if you desire.Y

•Hide Layers

All our SVG files will have a layer with a logo and line of disclaimer text. Hide this layer before making by clicking on the eyeball icon next to it.

•Setting Score Lines

Score lines will be red. Select the red layer and then the drop down menu under Operation and select Score. The lines change to black dashes.

•Setting Print Lines

Any printing lines will be green. Select the green layer with the printing lines and then the drop down menu under Operation and select Pen.


•Attaching Score Lines

You need to attach tall the layers together so that they happen on the same piece of material. In the layers panel select both the score layer and the cut layer. Select one and then hold down the shift key and select the others or click and drag and select them both on the canvas. With all layers selected click the Attach button at the bottom of the layers panel. Layers are now grouped together and will cut score and print together.

Save your project set up if you want to come back to it later.


Click the Make It button in the upper right.

The images shown on the mat will cut as they are arranged. Rearrange your images if needed to better fit on your mat or the material you are cutting.

You can change the Material Size you are cutting from the drop-down menu on the left. When you are ready to cut, click Continue in the bottom right.

Select the appropriate material setting. We recommended setting it one level higher than the material you are using. Follow the Design Space on-screen prompts for loading your tools and mats and for scoring and cutting your material.

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