If You Can Read This Socks

I was as naive as the next person. I thought going viral would be so wonderful. Wow was I wrong.

Yes, Blacknot Farm has gone viral for creating the original version of the If You Can Read This – Bring Me A Glass Of Wine’ socks. Crazy right?

So why in the world are we now selling digital downloads? Let me explain with this wonderful mini-documentary created by one of my incredible former students:


Although I do not recommend going viral to anyone, entrepreneurship has been an amazing adventure. I look forward to learning more in the years to come. 

Creating new things and making digital downloads helps me share that love of crafting and making and it’s benefits with my customers. Check out this blog post about how Creativity Boosts Mental Health And Lowers Stress.

I can share my ideas and designs globally and yet feel good about the environment. You can choose to print only what you desire so there is far less waste. Paper products are recyclable and because they are an instant download there’s no fossil fuels wasted in their delivery. 

Printables also make good money sense! With the cost of living increases I am glad that I can offer unique and creative products to my customers that are easy on the pocketbook.

Of course, for the time being you, can still find the Original Made in Canada If You Can Read This Socks and many more original and one of a kind creations in the Etsy Shop

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