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3D love paper decor

Printable 3D Love

Create this 3D LOVE out of card stock in your favourite colour. Print the PDF copies and score, cut and glue or use the SVG with your cutting machine.

Swedish Floral Heart Box

Printable Scandinavian Floral Heart Box

Create a beautiful Scandinavian floral heart treat Box. Includes printable template, SVG files and instructions.

Happy Valentine's Day Printable and SVG

Printable neutral tone Valentine’s Day Poster and SVG. Neutral aged paper background blends well with many decor styles. SVG included for crafting.

Printable Heart Box

Craft yourself a beautiful beveled heart shaped box. Print the PDF copies and score, cut and glue or use the SVG with your Cricut.

Valentine Advent Boxes

Printable Valentine Advent Boxes

Craft yourself these cute little heart shaped treat boxes. Perfect for counting down the days to Valentine's Day!

paper heart vase lantern

Printable Valentine's Day Heart Lantern

Craft yourself a pretty heart tea light holder vase for your Valentine's Day decor. Print the PDF copies and score, cut and glue or use the SVG with your cutting machine.

Valentine's Day Printable Seed Packages Blacknot Farm

Printable Valentine's Day Seed Packages

Printable Valentine's Day seed packets are a great gift idea! Print in blue or red or black and white and colour the 4 different floral designs yourself. SVG & instructions included.

Printable Love You Poster Blacknot Farm

Printable Love You Wall Decor

Simple beautiful Valentine's Day Love You printable decor and SVG file. Easy instant download has warm and neutral aged paper texture background.

Paper Viking Ship

Creative Stress Relief Burnable Viking Ship

Set your worries, anxieties and stress afloat and on fire with our burnable Viking Ship. Make one a day or one a week or just when you feel the need to release some stress.

Printable Swedish Dala Horse

We love the Swedish Dala horse! These Dala horse shaped 3D boxes are perfect for small treats or gifts or for gracing a table, shelf or any display. Included is a 2 page printable and instructions.

Printable Home Barn Craft

Have some fun crafting this printable 3D barn ornament. The little farmhouse village barn measures 3.25" high by 3.25" wide by 4.25" long. It makes a great addition to your tiered kitchen tray display, shelf or entryway.

Printable Mini Greenhouse

Have some crafting DIY fun with this printable 3D mini paper greenhouse pattern. This little ornamental greenhouse measures 5" high by 2.75" wide by 3.75" long. Includes a 1:12 scale 8" tall larger size for dollhouse enthusiasts.