If You Can Read This Socks

I wasn’t expecting to be known for my socks when I had bought my 40 acre paradise. The wooded lot came complete with a little old farmhouse and a turn-of-the-century dairy barn. Many years of love, learning and manual labour transformed the rundown little house and waterlogged old barn into a beautiful little country homestead.

I designed and created most of the unique features and decor on the property, curating my concept of the perfect country comfort atmosphere. I continued to create new pretty things, and in their making, it naturally progressed into a humble little side venture.

Blacknot Farm began in the fall of 2015 as a part time monetized hobby. I sold my creations at local craft sales and farmers markets on the weekends. This quickly resulted in a few wholesale accounts with some local handmade retailers. I enjoyed the steady progress of building my new business, unaware that things were about to be cranked to eleven. In the late summer of 2016 a humble pair of work socks with the words; “if you can read this bring me a glass of wine”, printed in big bold letters on the soles was posted on-line by one of my favourite retailers.

The socks hit the Internet and spread like wildfire! At the time, I was printing 300 socks a month, on my homemade sock printing carousel, in the hayloft… after returning home from my full time job. To keep up with this new demand I needed to produce 2000 pairs a week! The plan to slowly grow my business over the course of 5 years was reduced to a few weeks.

It was important to maintain the quality and uniqueness of my brand. I rose to the challenge and was able to fill all orders, with sales of over a quarter million within 8 months with enough socks for everyone. The unexpected success of the socks allowed me to continue to create new products for my retail shops as well as convert the tack shop attached to the barn into my very own Blacknot Farm headquarters.

My heartwarming home decor, gift items and unique one of a kind creations have allowed me to take the leap and enjoy the creative magic of making full time. I was even able to incorporate in July of 2017. Blacknot Farm Ltd.

I  supplied cozy country inspired products to 30 retailers across Canada and the United States for several years. The fad of the socks eventually ran it’s course and the pandemic hit. All of a sudden I was unable to get supplies. Unable to ship to some of my customers and I needed to make a change.

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